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Insulation Multimeter
Insulation Multimeter

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Insulation Multimeter

EM580A, Insulation Multimeter



This meter is a rectifier type, permanent-magnet moving coil instrument for measurements of DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current, resistance, insulation resistance, frequency, diode, continuity



参数/ Specifications

DC voltage: 400m~4~40~400~1000v

AC voltage: 400m~4~40~400~750v

DC current: 40~400mA

AC current: 40~400mA

Resistance: 400~4k~40k~400k~4m~40mΩ

Frequency: 4~40~100kHz

Diode: The approx. forward voltage drop will be displayed.

Continuity: The built-in buzzer will sound if the resistance is less than about 30Ω

Insulation Test: 

   Measurement Range: 0.1mΩ to 4000mΩ

    Test Voltages: 250v, 500v, 1000v

    Test Voltages Accuracy: +20%, -0%

    Nominal Test Current(1kΩ/v): 1mA

   Test Alarm: For insulation test, the built-in buzzer will sound when the resistance is less than 

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