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Digital Automotive Multimeter
Digital Automotive Multimeter

Digital Automotive Multimeter

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Digital Automotive Multimeter

EM133A, Digital Automotive Multimeter



This meter is a high-performance 3 5/6-digit digital autorange automotive multimeter. Besides AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current, resistance, continuity, diode, capacitance, temperature, frequency, duty cycle measurement functions, this meter can also measure RPM, dwell angle and pulse width. It features relative measurement, data hold, backlight, low battery indication, overrange indication, auto power off, meter-to-PC communication, and etc. It is an ideal measurement tool for automotive repair and service personnel.



参数/ Specifications

AC Voltage: 6~60~600~750v

DC Voltage: 600m~6~60~600~1000v

AC Current: 60m~600m~6~20A

DC Current: 60m~600m~6~20A

Resistance: 600~6k~60k~600k~6m~60mΩ

Diode: The approx. forward voltage drop of the diode will be displayed.


     The built-in buzzer will sound if the resistance is less than about 20Ω.

The buzzer may or may not sound if the resistance is between 20Ω and 150Ω.

The buzzer will not sound if the resistance is more than 150Ω.

Capacitance: 40n~400n~4µ~40µ~400µ~4000µF

Frequency: 9.999~99.99~999.9~9.999k~99.99k~999.9k~9.999mHz

Temperature: -20~1000℃

Duty Cycle: 0.5-99.9%.

Pulse Width: 0.1~20ms

Dwell Angle:

     4 cylinders: 0~90º

     5 cylinders: 0~72º

     6 cylinders: 0~60º

     8 cylinders: 0~45º


   2-stroke engine: 60~20000RPM

   4-stroke engine: 120~20000RPM

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