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Plater Freezer
Plater Freezer
Plater Freezer
Plater Freezer
Plater Freezer
Plater Freezer

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Shandong Shenzhou Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd.


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The freezing mode of contact freezers is quick contact freezing. The principle of quick contact freezing: depending upon the characteristic that the heat conductivity of metal is dozens of times larger than the heat transfer coefficient of air surface, food is horizontally or vertically placed at one side of plate evaporator (the metallic freezing plate) and cold quantity is quickly transferred to food via the metallic plate, thus realizing quick freezing of food.


Need to provide the following information:

1.Types of frozen products

2.Quantity of quick-frozen products

3.Freezing time

4.The temperature of the food before quick freezing?

5.The core temperature of the goods after quick freezing?


The freezing of the contact freezer is a contact quick freezing.It is mainly suitable for the freezing of all kinds of fish and shrimps.


1.The freezing plate is a professionally esigned plate evaporator, ensuring uniform and smooth flowing of refrigerant, making the surface temperature of the plate uniform and consistent and realizing high heat transfer efficiency.


2.Good insulation performance

The warehouse board uses double-sided stainless steel structure, which has good heat preservation and energy saving.


3.The control components are manufactured by well-known manufacturers such as chneider and Siemens.The operation of the control system is reasonable, simple and reliable.The control cabinet is designed with stainless steel moisture-proof structure.


4.Small equipment volume and small floor areaEquipment delivery as a whole so as to save the customer's construction cost


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