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Transcritical CO2 Unit
Transcritical CO2 Unit
Transcritical CO2 Unit
Transcritical CO2 Unit

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Shandong Shenzhou Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd.


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Model:CO2 Transcritical Unit Refrigerant:R744 Compressor Brand:Bitzer Screw Compressor HSK/CSH Evaporation Temperature:Customized Refrigeration Capacity Of Single Unit:Customized Energy Regulation:Optional Electric System:Can meet the electricity system of any country Condenser:CO2 gas cooler Application:Medium and large cold storage


Not limited by on-site construction conditions, plug and play, flexible and changeable.



1. CO2 refrigerant is non-toxic, non-flammable, ODP=0, GWP=1, high density, low viscosity, and good heat transfer effect.

2. Booster CO2 refrigeration unit Booster two-stage supercharging, auxiliary compression and other technologies are used to achieve transcritical operation.

3. High COP On the basis of conventional transcritical system, auxiliary compression, vapor-vapor ejector and gas-liquid ejector technology are adopted to greatly improve the COP

4. -50℃~+20°C wide temperature range Wide range of evaporation temperature, minimum evaporation temperature -50 °C, maximum evaporating temperature +20 °C, suitable for quick freezing, low temperature refrigeration, high temperature warehouse, workshop air conditioning and refrigeration system applications.

5. 40C~100°C hot water It can produce 40°C-100°C high-temperature hot water while satisfying refrigeration.  It can be used in applications such as heating, domestic hot water, hot water for production and processing, heat pump air conditioning, and large temperature difference improvement in the pipe network.



1. Low operating cost:cheap and easy to buy

2. High safety.  CO2 is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-flammable, non-corrosive to equipment, and has stable chemical properties.

3. Technical advantages: widely used in Europe, R744 is more environmentally friendly than other refrigerants and will not destroy the ozone layer

4. Lower temperature: Cascade units can easily reach room temperature of -30°C.



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