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Dongguan Vide Technology Co., Ltd

  • Main Products:

    Micromotor, Stepper Motor, Gear Motor, Brushless Motor, Servo Motor, IR-CUT, IRIS, Module

  • Location:

    Dongguan Weidou Technology Co., Ltd

  • Official Website

VIDE Technology was founded in 2009, which is a Manufacturer&Producer of micro motors and high-precision optoelectronic devices (solenoid valves, switches, automatic iris). The products are widely uesd in automobiles, visual displays, smart homes, medical equipment, industrial automation, etc. 

The company has a strong technical accumulation and a Strong R&D team, whose factory area covers60,000 square meters, with 1,200 employees, more than 100 scientific and technical personnel, and more than 1,000 various advanced equipments. It owns 92 utility model patents and 31invention patent applications and 4 authorizations.

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Dongguan Vide Technology Co., Ltd