Beijing Huaaixin Energy -Saving Equipment Co.,Ltd

Main Products: Heat exchanger;water treatment equipment ...


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Beijing Huaaixin Energy -Saving Equipment Co.,Ltd

  • Main Products:

    Heat exchanger;water treatment equipment

  • Location:

    No.8,Jinfu Road,Daxing Economic Development Zone,Daxing District,Beijing,China

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        Today, heat exchangers have been widely used in fields such as HVAC, petrochemical,water treatment, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical, metallurgy and steel, automotive industry, shipbuilding, light industry and textile, and power energy. 

        The founding team entered the plate heat exchanger industry in 1991 and witnessed the development history of domestic plate heat exchanger. Beijing Huaaixin Energy Saving Equipment Co., LTD., founded in 2003, is a mainstream manufacturer of heat exchanger and the largest manufacturer of heat exchanger in North China. It can produce various types of plate heat exchangers, heat exchanger units, first and second class pressure tank, water supply equipments and environmental protection water treatment equipments.

           Huaaixin has 170 professional employees working in the departments of technique,production,sales and after service.

           The company has cooperated with more than 300 heat companies, and its products cover 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. In total, 100,000 units of heat exchange equipments are in operation at the same time, and the heating area in operation is more than 1 billion square meters.

           Huaaixin adheres to the professional, dedicated, concentrative concept of development, over the years only do the research and production of plate heat exchanger. The company has obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification, has passed the audit of specialized and special new enterprise, the company will continue to carry forward the spirit of enterprise, leading the development of plate heat exchanger industry.     


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Beijing Huaaixin Energy -Saving Equipment Co.,Ltd