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    MCB, MCCB, POWER TRANSFORMER, AMERICAN TYPE SWITCHGEAR, EURO TYPE SWITCHGEAR, JP CABINET, Integrated distribution box, cable branch box, high voltage switchgear, high voltage ring network cabinet, pneumatic cabinet, open and close, high voltage outdoor vacuum circuit breaker

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    2nd Floor, 7th Building, Zongbu Economical Zone, Chengdong District, Yueqing, Zhejiang, China

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Yifa Holding Group Co.,Ltd

Yifa Holding Group Co.,Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yifa holding Group Jiangxi Yifa Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd (stock symbol :870154). It is a high-tech enterprise which takes the general contract of engineering as the main body and integrates technology industry and trade. It is mainly responsible for international and domestic general contracting of thermal power generation, hydropower generation, power transmission and distribution, environmental protection, energy saving, industrial and civilian `buildings, building intelligence and municipal public utilities, including consulting, design, research and development, supervision, project planning, equipment sets, construction organization, installation and commissioning and technical services; the company has experienced teams of general contracting project managers of various types of projects.

The professional team of Yifa has condensed the elite of design and engineering with experience and vitality. We take "energy saving and emission reduction, green development" as our own responsibility, take "smart grid and clean energy" as the core, lead smart grid innovation, and promote the common development of clean energy such as solar, wind and civil building intelligence. We are committed to the implementation of intelligent civil buildings, improve the quality of power grid, improve the power structure, many years of research and exploration, engineering practice has yielded fruitful results.

The company has the national general contract qualification for electric power engineering construction; has the qualification of domestic and foreign electric power facilities for loading, repairing and testing; can undertake various voltage grade transmission and transformation projects and related substation construction tasks. The company has a large number of professionals engaged in electric power engineering design for a long time. The company has nearly 200 designers, more than 95% university education and above. Professors, high and intermediate professionals account for more than 30% of all engineers and technicians.

The company's business scope covers new energy generation, power transmission, substation and distribution / agricultural network projects. The company has core competitiveness in the design of clean energy power generation engineering, integrated intelligent energy engineering, distribution power generation engineering, transmission and transformation engineering of 500 kV/220kV and below, distribution / agricultural network and street lamp lighting engineering, and has the ability to participate in the design of super large power generation engineering and transmission and transformation projects of 500 kV and above. The company insists on international development, deep ploughing Russia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Ethiopia, Turkey, Malaysia and other countries and regions along the "Belt and Road ".

According to the ISO9000 standards, the company establishes and implements the quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system, and strives to improve the quality, environment and occupational health and safety awareness of its employees, and has achieved remarkable results in practical practice. And one-time quality, environment and occupational health and safety four management system certification certificate.

The company has been constantly strengthening its own market competitive capacity building, in the process of management innovation and continuous improvement of enterprise standards. The company actively market-oriented, customer demand as the starting point to provide customers with quality products and services, and will continue to improve, constantly improve the satisfaction of the owners as the eternal theme of service. The company is willing to cooperate with the international and domestic colleagues friendly, for the international and domestic projects to make due contributions!?

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