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Shenzhen TongXiao Technology Co., Ltd

  • Main Products:

    Wireless Charger, Car Wireless Charger, Power Bank, Hand Sanitizer Sprayer

  • Location:

    6f,Bld C,No.9,Area East,Shangxue Industry Park,Bantian Street,Longgang District,Shenzhen

  • Official Website

Shenzhen TongXiao Technology Co., Ltd  work on R & D, production and sales of wireless charging products and some induction health care products . The core team of the company consists of three major departments: innovative research department, design department, sales department , the core team grow and develop in digital industry for nearly ten years, which has a good reputation and high visibility within the industry. Our company follow the "strategic partnership" and regard it as a cooperative model, provide customers with professional product knowledge, marketing, customize product and development a series of services. The main sales network spread more than 100 cities abroad.

R & D£ºWe have professional ID Designers£¬ID engineer £¬structural engineer £¬Electronic technician 

Main Products£ºWireless charger¡¢Magnetic wireless charging stand¡¢Wireless charger Sterilization box ¡¢Smart induction atomizer ¡¢power bank.......

Production£ºMore than 2,000 square meters of workshops and professional QC equipment

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Shenzhen TongXiao Technology Co., Ltd