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Ningbo Jiang Feng Plastic & Chemistry Co,.Ltd

  • Main Products:

    Power Cordsets Extension Cordsets Connector & KVV-AB

  • Location:

    Simen village Yuyao city China All Rights reserved

  • Official Website

Ningbo Jiang Feng Plastic & Chemistry Co,.Ltd is an enterprise specialized in producing all kinds of Power Cordsets, Extension Cordsets, Connector & KVV-AB, etc. After several years of hard work, the company's business scale is constantly expanding, and has passed the product safety certification of CCC, UL, UL, CSA, VDE, GS, NF, CE, SAA, Italy, Keti, BSI, etc. Our company has the first-class products, quality of life, quality of service, and quality of life!

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Ningbo Jiang Feng Plastic & Chemistry Co,.Ltd