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Dalian Xida International trade co.,ltd

  • Main Products:

    underground coal mining equipment parts such as scraper convyor link, crawler chain, flight bar(forging+assembly) undercarriage components such as track link, sprocket segment ,forks, etc. (forging stage) hot die forging parts , press parts

  • Location:

    NO.343 Gaoerji Road, Shahekou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China

  • Official Website

Dalian Xida International trade co.,ltd built on 2006 which is a professional trade and manufacture company. Our company loacted at Dalian which is a famous port city in China . The transportation is very convinet for exporting.  We specialized on mining parts, undercarriage parts, hot die forging parts and press parts. Our product has sell to USA,Japan,UK and Euro until now.

For hot die forging parts,we have 6 kinds of product .Mining and Undercarriage is our feature product.

(1) underground coal mining parts such as flight bars, scraper convyor and crawler link. Our mining parts has supply to to JOY until now.We can do both assebmly and components.

(2) undercarriage components such as track link, sprocket segment. We can make the segment with 3, 4, 5 or 9 tooth. The pitch for track link range from 101mm to 260mm.

 (3) Ship componets, hook, container buckle etc.

(4) Automobile parts: crankshaft, kncukel. (5)railway parts: plate

(6)valve: valve body and bonnet.

We also make product based on customer's drawing.We have six forging lines. We have 1 set of 6300T

Hot press, 2 sets of 2500ton hot press, 1 set of 600ton hot press, 1 set of 4000ton screw press and 1 set of 1600ton screw press. We can make the product with the weight range from 0.5kg to 100kg. 

 for hot forging.

We also have Hammer forging which can make product with largest weight at 7 tons. We have four lines of open die forging machin such as 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton and 10ton forging hammer. We usualy make shaft, roller ,forks or make by customer's drawing.Forks which use for forklift is also feature product.

Apart from that, we also have feeding machine, HT furnance and finish machine. We can make forging, HT and machining process by ourself .HT furnance: Middle frenquency heat machine, well type heat ect. We can do Annealing, normalizing, quench and tempering.Machine: vertical lathe, horizontal lathe, CNC lathe, boring, milling ect.We can do forging+HT+machining by ourself which can save the time of delivery in each step and easy to control the quality.

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Dalian Xida International trade co.,ltd