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Company Profile

Hubei Hongcheng General Machinery Co.,Ltd

  • Main Products:

    valves (water inlet butterfly valve/ball valve, etc.)

  • Location:

    No.3 Hongmen Road, Jingzhou City, Hubei, China 434000

  • Official Website

Hubei Hongcheng was established on 18th March 1956. Hubei Hongcheng is a high-end performance large valve manufacturer in China, and one of the China's TOP 500 mechanical/machinery enterprises.


Hubei Hongcheng specializes in manufacturing butterfly valves, spherical valves, flow control valves, gate valves, check valves and other various type of valves. The operation pressure of the valves range from 0.6 MPa to 13MPa, with maximum diameter of 8m (Butterfly Valve) and 4m (Spherical Valve). Hubei Hongcheng's factory has several large size machineries and facilities.

Hubei Hongcheng has participated in 6 China National Industry Standards establishment. The main inlet valves manufactured by Hubei Hongcheng promised safety with performance reliability and consistency, Currently, Hubei Hongcheng are proudly serving more than 360 hydro power plants globally.




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Hubei Hongcheng General Machinery Co.,Ltd