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Hangzhou Youngsun Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd

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    Packing press, Other Tools Container

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About?Youngsun Youngsun, be built in 1983, the only famous trademark of China’s packaging industry, is the largest manufacturer of packaging equipment in China and a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and services, with main businesses including various liquid filling, powder and granule packaging, universal packaging equipment, and external packaging materials, etc. It has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since May 29, 2015, with the Stock Code 603901. Youngsun has factory areas covering about 250,000 square meters, 5 production bases, and 3,600 employees, with 36 years of professional technologies and experience, and customers are all over the world. It has more than 700 patents, 22 international patents, 100 patents for invention and more than 500 technical R&D staff. The output value of Youngsun group and the affiliated companies reach USD 600 million, and the output value of Youngsun headquarters reaches  USD 300 million. Youngsun is the designated drafting unit of national standards for packaging equipment, mainly engaged in the following 8 series of products. * Dairy filling machines: aseptic carton filling machine, cup form & fill & seal machine (with ring labeling, connected or single cup), rotary filling machine (ultra-clean, aseptic), pre-made cup filling machine (ultra-clean, aseptic), linear filling machine (ultra-clean, aseptic) and arious blowing-filling-capping machines etc. * Wine, water and beverage equipment: Washing-filling-capping machine and whole-line packaging equipment for glass bottles; Filling-seaming and whole-line packaging equipment for cans; Blowing-filling-capping and whole-line packaging equipment for various water and beverages, etc. * Powder and granule quantitative packaging equipment: vertical/horizontal filling machine series, continous vacuum packing machine series, flow wrapper machine series, etc. * Standard packaging equipment: strapping machine, case sealer, pallet wrapper, vacuum packing machine, shrink wrapping machine, labeling machine, etc. * Robot: robot palletizer, robot case packer, etc. * Application of identification-making machines : inkjet printers, laser machines, etc. * One-Item-One-Code tracing software * Intelligent MES software Company history: In 1983, founded, starting from manufacturing mould for injection molding machines, blow molding machines, and extruders, etc In 1996, began to produce PP straps In 1997, began to produce packaging equipment, strapping machine was the first product of packing machine series   In 2015, the only one enterprise of the packaging machine industry to be listed on the Main Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange In 2016, Youngsun became the sole well-known trademark in China. In 2017, Youngsun became the largest enterprise in the packaging machine industry, with the most patents and the most comprehensive product series, and the market share of multiple product series over 50%.

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