Zhejiang Chenlong Sawing Machine Co., Ltd.

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Zhejiang Chenlong Sawing Machine Co., Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    Band saw

  • Major Markets:

    North America,

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Zhejiang Chenlong Sawing Machine Group Co. Ltd. was founded in 1985, located in Huzheng Town of Jinyun County, Zhengjiang Province. The main products include various types of horizontal and vertical metal band saw machines, powerful magnetic lifter series, etc. The enterprise has an occupied area of 66000square meters, a total construction are of 28000 square meters, and has a total asset of 110 million. Now it has 512 employees, among them more than 20people are special technology persons with ability. The As the leading enterprise in the sawing machine industry in China, its also an administrative director enterprise of the China band saw machine guild. The enterprise has set up the nature guarantees system and has passed the ISO9001: 2000 International quality system certification, ISO14001 environment protection system certification and has taken the lead in passing the mechanism safety certification among the countrywide band saws enterprise. The enterprise sets up "the Zhenjiang Chenlong Sawing Machine R& D center" and has a strong research and developing force, with 33 R& D person and about 800 square meters of labs, testing rooms and trial workshop. Until now Chenlong had obtain 8 item of national monopoly, in which, some 2 invention patent. Chenlong also established his own powerful sales net in China. There are about 68 sales departments in different provinces and 500 salesmen working for the company. As one of the biggest saw machine manufactures in China, our products are very popular in the market. In 2006, our output is about 8000 sets, occupied 20% domestic market share. Wholehearted service, excellent pursuit. Chenlong Sawing Machine will create resplendence with you hand in hand.

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Zhejiang Chenlong Sawing Machine Co., Ltd.