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North China Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

North China Power Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group (hereinafter referred to as “NCPE” or “the company”), is a large state-owned enterprise in China incorporated from restructuring the former North China Electric Power Design Institute founded in 1953 under the Ministry of Power Industry, it is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Energy Engineering Group Planning and Engineering Co., Ltd.

The company actively forges itself into an international engineering company with high value and creativity, its strong comprehensive technical strength and project management competence enables it to provide its clients with top class services in respect of engineering consultancy, survey & design, and EPC project construction. The Chairman of the Board Wang Yu is legal representative of the company. The registered capital of the company is one billion Yuan RMB.

The company is one of the backbone enterprises in China that carry out survey & design, consultancy and EPC construction of large projects in the country. It is empowered the independent right of foreign business and foreign trade. The company has been awarded over 20 qualification certificates (of all the classes ) in relation to engineering works, including Class A comprehensive engineering design, Class A comprehensive engineering survey and Class A engineering consultancy, which enables it to undertake such businesses as consultancy, survey & design, EPC contracting, project management, bidding agency, project supervision, and equipment supervision, and also to undertake such special design, assessment, evaluation and equipment procurement businesses as concerned with environment protection, geographical hazard design, hydrological & water resource assessment, soil & water conservation, pressure pipeline, pressure vessels, photographic surveying & remote sensing, geographical information and road transportation.

Insisting on the concept of “concise, efficient, open, and step-by-step” management, the company is devoted to building a scientific and efficient modern corporative management system, renovates its operating system from time to time, improves its business management mechanism continuously and uplifts its intensive management level steadily. Systems of quality management, environment management, and occupational health & safety management have been established to cover all aspects of its business; and a multi-functional and standardized management system for an international engineering company has been built that takes engineering design as core competence and integrates engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning as a whole. The company has been appraised for many times as “An Advanced Enterprise in Respect of Quality and Benefit in Power Industry of China” and has been awarded “Special Award for Quality in Power Industry of China”. It has been ranked among Top 50 Survey & Design Enterprises in China for Comprehensive Strength for consecutive years, ENR’s Top 225 Global Contractors, Top 80 Chinese Contractors and Top 60 Design Firms, and is appraised by ENR as a Chinese engineering design firm with great growth. It has also won many other awards as “The Best Enterprise in Power Industry of China”, “Advanced Enterprise in Survey & Design Industry of China”, and “Outstanding Performance Benchmark (5A) in Power Industry”.

The company adheres to “people oriented” basis and has developed a group of experts specializing in engineering technology, project management, market commerce, and HSE management. By the end of 2019, the company has overall 1383 staffs and personnel, among whom there are 9 receiving special allowance of the government, 166 professor-level senior engineers, 527 senior engineers, and 452 numbers / times of persons awarded various state-level registered professional qualifications. A force of multi-disciplined talents who meet the requirement of an international engineering company has been preliminarily formed.

It is always the company’s focus to support and lead its development by technology innovation. It undertakes or participates in the compilation of over 170 national and industrial standards and has won over 1080 awards of provincial or ministerial level and above. In recent years, the company continuously increases its input into R&D and strives to make technological breakthroughs and has obtained certain technological advantages in respect of high-efficient clean and safe smart coal-fired power generation, gas turbine power generation, combined cycle and circulating fluidized bed (CFB) power generation; UHV transmission lines and substations, flexible AC and DC transmission lines, and new-generation smart substations; renewable energy generation including offshore wind power generation, large onshore wind power generation, solar photovoitaic power generation, solar thermal power generation, waste power generation and biomass power generation; hydrogen energy, multi-energy complement and integrated energy, Carbon dioxide capture and storage, large-scale air cooling, comprehensive utilization of lignite, sea water desalination, Subsynchronous resonance control, noise control, aerial remote sensing and geographic information, deformation monitoring, and T-type Cone Penetration Test. The company presently holds 537 state-level patents, 12 proprietary technologies of power industry and 41 computer software copyrights. The Company has established the Post-doctoral Research Workstation and Post-graduate Research Workstation. The Special Committee for Civil Engineering under Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering is set up in the Company. The Special Committee for Corporate Culture, Special Committee for Electrical Control, and Special Committee for Project Construction Management under China Electrical Power Planning and Engineering Association are also established in the company. And the Smart Power Generation Technology Center and Hydrogen Energy Technology Center under China Energy Engineering Group Planning and Engineering Co., Ltd. is established in the Company.

By the end of 2019, the company has completed 1386 engineering design projects in terms of power generation, transmission and transformation, including over 474 generation engineering design projects both domestic and abroad with a total capacity of 130100 MW accounting for nearly one tenth of the total installed capacity of thermal power generation of China, 359 transmission lines with a total length of 24762km, and 346 substations with a total capacity of 199800 MVA. In the past decade, the company has carried out 80 EPC projects both at home and abroad with a total contract value of RMB 100 bilion, spreading over 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of China and 20 countries and regions in the world including Nigeria, Belarus, Australia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Angola, Lithuania, Mongolia, Armenia, Kenya, Vietnam and Indonesia. The company has established a good connection with the companies and organizations of more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, France and Switzerland for business dealings and technology exchange. So far, it has developed from a single electric power survey & design enterprise into one of whole business chain in terms of whole project life cycle and whole process service that integrates high-end consultancy, survey & design, construction, procurement & logistics, supervision, and operation & maintenance. The company has not only “going global”, but also won applauses for the country on the world stage.

With its 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries including North China Power Engineering International (Beijing) Co., Ltd., North China Desheng Project Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., North China De'An Power Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd., North China Guo Yan Engineering & Technology (Beijing )Co.,Ltd., North China Guoxinyoukong System Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., NCEP Engineering Nigeria Limited, UAB Energetikos Tinklu Institutas (Vilnius, Lithuania), the company also achieved advantages in project supervision, project management, bidding and bidding agency services, logistics, equipment manufacturing supervision, urban grid reconstruction, design of distributed power generation, and EPC contracting.

Over the past 60 years, the company has won wide recognition of clients and customers home and abroad. Here is the commitment of all the staffs of the company to all the sectors of the society: we will take the maximum benefit of our customers as our target, strictly perform contracts, assure quality, optimize services, and meet our clients’ demand at our best to achieve mutual success and win-win harmony with our partners all over the world.

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