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Zhejiang Mingfeng Car Accessories Co.,Ltd. is a leading professional export manufacturer of car seat cushion, support cushion and car cover. With business theory “Based on people & serving society” and the business policy “found in China and faced the world”, company revenue has been solidly rising through establishing and completing quality control system, building up brand idea and staff’s strictly enforcing tenet “putting the world together with stitch & thread, keeping improving to highlight manful brand”. Found in 1989, registered manful brand in Sept.1996,Mingfeng Car Acessories Co.,Ltd was acquired to rename to Zhejiang Mingfeng Car Accessories Co.Ltd. in August 2002 and gained export and import rights Certificate at same time. At the present, with ¥50,000,000.00 total capital, company covered 15000m2 areas including 7400 m2 construction areas, whose averaged 32 year-old staff is 518 persons including 25 graduated human. Up to 2005, with total sales amount is ¥102,600,000.00, net margin is ¥5,300,000.00 and its revenue is ¥4,250,000.00 for country, company finished the sequential improvements sales goal, net margin and revenue within recently six years. With AAA Credit, company hereby was awards the certificates of China creditable and lawful country company,Taizhou 100 top industrial owned factory and Taizhou top 128 industrial Company as well, whose trade manful was also awarded zhejiang famous firm and her trademark was regarded as taizhou famous trademark, besides her products was as taizhou famous product. Company has been researching and designing new products in order to consolidate market shares and further enlarge market shares. What’s more, the applicant subject of annual 25,000,000.00 meter sonic sewn material for car accessories and whole company removal was adopted as the second key provincial plan by zhejiang development and reform committee in June 2005, which total coverage is 5.8716 hectares including 4.0519 hectares factory area .The fixed investment capital will be ¥151,200,000.00 and current capital will be ¥45,300,000.00 for the subject. The construction will be finished in 2007 and it will be run in 2008.By then, it will be seen to realize 4.8 billion sales amount and ¥49,140,000.00 net margin, which will further highlight company. Marked with brand manful, the products including car seat cushion, support cushion, car cover, motorcycle cover, safe vest were pop by domestic and abroad customers for professional manufacturing, good quality, competitive price and super service. The products were distributed to domestic market by agents from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and they were sold in U.S.A, Europe, Japan, Korea and Middle East country thorough world A-list supermarket chain stores such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour. Up to 2006, manful brand products possessed of significant market shares at car accessory sector all over the world and they gained good reputation as well.

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