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    Equipment for Power Transmission and Substation,Electrical Appliance (high, low voltage)

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Beijing Huadong Electric Co., Ltd. Department of State designated manufacturing high and low voltage complete switch equipment business, with the production qualification of high-voltage switchgear and Advanced Low-voltage switchgear of low voltage products passed CCC certification, high-pressure product by CQC. The company and the company's main products are included in the urban and rural power grid construction and transformation required major equipment and manufacturers recommended list by the State Economic and Trade Commission; by the National Power Corporation Planning and Design, complete sets of equipment included in the Ministry of State Power Corporation auxiliary equipment for power engineering Recommended Supplier. " The company is committed to customer-centric high, medium voltage, low voltage switchgear R & D, manufacturing, production and services, services in nuclear power plants, power plants, substations, urban and rural power grids, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, electrified railway, subway , urban light rail, ports, defense, army, garbage power and environmental industries. Founded in 1985, registered capital of 100 million yuan, fixed assets of 280 million yuan, covers an area of ​​60,000 square meters, construction area of ​​40,000 square meters. The company existing staff more than 500 people, engineers and technicians and management staff of more than 300, including 70% with senior technical titles. Design production and marketing capacity with 1 billion yuan, Ji forefront of the industry, economic and social benefits of the modern enterprise. In 1997 through the ISO9001: 94 and quality system certification, and in 2003 passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, the same year passed the ISO14001 environment management system certification. 1999 Beijing Science and Technology Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly classified as high-tech enterprises to obtain the qualification of import and export business in the same year. For four consecutive years since 1999 by the Beijing Administration for Industry and named as "the contract and keeping promises units". For national key projects, large and medium-sized capital construction projects, power grid construction and renovation project over the years, the company provides a large number of high-quality products. In recent years, the products are exported to Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Sudan, Mozambique, Uganda, Ecuador, Turkey, Guyana, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Asia, Africa and Europe, Mongolia and other countries and regions, with a good business reputation and wide popularity. The company has a good mechanism for sustainable development, with an independent technical innovation, research, development and manufacturing strength, the Beijing municipal Technology Innovation Center. Company winning a number of technical or patent which enterprise developed its own GHK-Z2000 Low-voltage withdrawable switchgear cabinet 1994, the State Science Commission and other five ministries (National Board) as the national new product; company developed KYN28A- 12, is HKA-12 High Voltage Switchgear, produced in cooperation with Siemens SIVACON8PT low voltage switchgear, developed its own GHK-Z2000 Low-voltage switch cabinet by the Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Municipal Planning Commission as a "Beijing High-tech achievements into the project, has reached international advanced level. The company has CNC sheet metal processing production line imported from Japan, German imports of CNC busbar processing equipment and switching characteristics of the tester, and other general purpose and special equipment of nearly 200 pieces (sets). The company's quality management system, environmental management system for design, development, production, management of the whole process of ERP resources management network in the continued effective operation. Advanced technology and equipment and management tools effectively to ensure the accuracy of product processing, manufacturing quality and production efficiency, improve the inspection and test equipment and testing instruments to ensure the steady supply of reliable, pollution-free, good quality products. We sincerely hope that the multi-faceted, multi-level technical exchanges and joint ventures with domestic and foreign friends from all walks of life together to create a new situation of complete sets of electrical equipment manufacturing, development updates, better, more products and services to meet the domestic and foreign the different needs of our customers.

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