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    Electronic Apparatus,Automobile, Special-purpose Vehicle and Parts and Accessories,Hardware and Tool,Chain,Machine Tool and Parts and Accessories,Meter,Instrument,Medical Instrument and Equipment,Sewing Machine (Household and Industrial Appliance) and Parts,Lamps and Lanterns and Lighting Apparatus,Household Sanitary Appliance and Fittings

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Genertec International Corporation (“Genertec International”) is one of the key subsidiaries of China General Technology (Group) Holding, Limited (“Genertec”), and was officially launched in March 2002 to respond to great internal and external changes, confront the opportunities and challenges of globalization and China’s entry into the WTO, and realize the sustainable development of the group. With the combination of some businesses of the group and the integration of resource and scale advantages, it engages in specialized operation, mainly focusing on the bulk import and export of resource commodities, plant equipment and common goods. It is a leader in the transformation of China General Technology (Group) Holding, Limited from an exporter to an integrator of Supply Chain Management. Genertec International has seven branches in Beijing and four subsidiaries outside of Beijing, and overseas representative offices in Egypt, Russia and other countries. Through controlling stake and equity participation, the corporation is conducting or taking part in the management of more than ten manufactories abroad and at home with the bases of design, production and manufacturing widely scattered in the financially developed regions and coastal cities in the Northeast, North, East and South China. It has a perfect operation network in and out of China, and owns customers and strategic partners around the world. People at Genertec International have rich experience of international business and reliable customer groups with business relationships extending abroad and in China. Genertec International runs a full range of businesses in a flexible manner. It adopts such business modes as importing, exporting, agency services, distribution, “processing, assembling and conducting compensation trade”, counter trade, transit trade and the like. Its business is focused on the import and export of mechanical products, technical facilities and complete plant equipment, such common goods as minerals, wood, light industrial and textile products, and steel materials, as well as commodities like chemical raw materials, iron ore, coking coal, and crude, product and palm oil. As regards to the key commodities traded by the corporation, the steel import exceeds 100 million US dollars, and the commodities with export over 10 million US dollars include sodium tripolyhosphate (chemical raw material), shoes, wood, zinc, cashmere, coke, textile, and lighting appliances, among which sodium tripolyhosphate products and shoes hold the balance in their industries; the products with exports worth more than 5 million US dollars are stainless steel products (kitchen and table ware, etc.), cases, boxes and packages, tourism and wooden products, toys and so on.

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