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Tellhow Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, Electrical & Electronics, Industrial Equipment & Components

  • Location:

    Tellhow Building A,3/F, Huiren Rd. 266, Xiaolan Industrial Park. Nanchang, China

  • Official Website

Tellhow Sci-tech Co., Ltd. (Tellhow) is a high technology enterprise set up and developed in Nanchang National High-tech Development Zone with the “Cooperation of Province and University?by Jiangxi Province and Tsinghua University. The company also is a key high-tech enterprise under National Torch Program approved by the Science & Technology Ministry and one of the 520 enterprises announced for the first time that “Abiding by the Contract and Keeping Promise?appraised by State Administration of Industry and Commerce. On June 1, 2001, President Jiangzemin inspected Tellhow and gave his warm care and cordial encouragement. On July 3, 2002, the company was listed in Shanghai Securities Exchange and became the first listed company in the intellectualized building electric area.
    Tellhow aimed at “dedicating to information technology application, creating and guiding intellectualized life?and actively develops the products of autonomous intellectual property technology. Through introducing advanced processing technology of multinational corporation and giving full play to the complete production ability of army enterprise the company established the Tellhow (Nanchang) High-tech Industrious Park at the international level. In the area of intellectualized building, Tellhow owns comprehensive strength of designing, manufacturing, and installing intellectualized electric products of building such as intellectualized center air conditioning, intellectualized generating set and power equipment, etc. And it successfully hosted the 3rd National Symposium of Intellectualized Building Technology. In field of army power equipment, by integrating science technology of Tsinghua University with manufacturing technique of SANBO Electric for decades Tellhow create the only product winning the national prize for invention to service the modernization construction of national defense. In the field of photoelectric product, it constantly promotes the technological innovation and put modern optics, medical technology, information technology into comprehensive, and has developed the international advanced Tellhow photoelectric information products.
    The company practices the development model of “Technology + capital? ““Undertaking, Exploring, Surpassing?in according with the spirit of Tsinghua University as ?Strive unceasingly, hold noble morality to service society?. The Tellhow persons take the religion of “the personal success is the duty completion, the value of life is constantly undertaking duty?and attaches much importance to construction the enterprise culture with the core of “undertaking responsibility and realizing value?in order to construct Tellhow a international high-tech enterprise in the area of electric industry of intellectualized building.

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Tellhow Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.