Wenzhou Huajia Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Main Products: Electrical & Electronics...

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Wenzhou Huajia Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    Electrical & Electronics

  • Location:

    Huajia Building, Liuqing Rd., Liushi, Yueqing, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

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HUAJIA Electrical Group CO., founded in 1988, isone of the key enterpeises of manufacturing industrial electrical product in China, as well as one of the eariliest factories in this field with above 15 years experience in producing and designation for industrial electrical items.

The Group has successfully developed and producing various categories in industrial electrical products which include: AC contactors, Circuit Breakers, Pneumatic Utomation Products, Meters, Relays, Fuses, Control Units...As wel as many other electrical accessories.

HUAJIA Group owns full-line of high-tech manufacturing equipment and great streng of technology support besides advanced designation forces powered by first class engineering teams with super industrial computer systems. Thus, each piece of the product is fully assured with top-reliable quality, scientific and novel design as well as excellent workmanship. There is no doubt that the products are warmly welcomed not only in domestic but also in overseas market year after years.

In order to keep the leadship in electrical industry, HUAJIA Group continuous increase and update manufacturing facilities, keep improving techniques and adopting the most advanced inspect instrument to bring our products to an even higher quality level along with impeccable & rapidly delviery service.
HUAJIA Group welcomes all of the customers and friends around the word work together to build a glory and onmmon-benefited future!

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Wenzhou Huajia Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.