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We are grateful that history has endowed TCL with opportunities. Along with China´s reforms and opening up, TCL has grown from small to huge, and we are now one of the most well-known conglomerates in China today. However, compared with world-class corporations, we obviously still lag behind. China´s accession to the WTO, coupled with the trend of economic globalization, has presented enormous challenges and opportunities to Chinese corporations. The competition between world-class corporations and us is compared to a match between lightweight and heavyweight boxers in the same arena. In the new round of competition, there will be reshuffling of players in the industry according to the global competitiveness standard; only the best corporations will survive. A powerful nation is fueled only by a strong economy, and world-class enterprises are based on a strong economy. Strengthening our nation and rejuvenation of the Chinese people through strong industries are the expectations and dreams of our country and citizens. Looking back, we have strived forward, overcoming countless difficulties. We are faster than most of our competitors, and we are closing the gap between world-class corporations and us. We will carry on and further expand our successful attributes - dedication to work, honesty, teamwork, innovative corporate spirit, focus on market and customer orientation, employee respect, responsibility to shareholders and public. Moving forward, to achieve our goals, we need to focus on reform and innovation, and maintain employee motivation and organization´s vitality. The experiences of numerous successful domestic and international corporations have proved that only those corporations, that continue to reform and incessantly surpass themselves and their past performances, can last. For 2002, our new goal for corporate culture is to remove all ideological concepts and behaviors that are detrimental to the development of enterprise, and to train a team capable of running a world-class corporation. Through reform and innovation, we not only need to improve our competitiveness in every business link, but also improve the all-round development of our employees. All of us, particularly the senior management, need to continue to push for greater reform and innovation with greater passion, through learning, self-reviewing, understanding and improvement. Coupled with various effective reform and innovative work, we will develop our ideological viewpoint, management capabilities and self confidence that will cope with the demands in future international competition, developing a new corporate culture that will support the corporation´s growth.

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