Ginlong Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Ginlong Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    String Inverter

  • Location:

    No.57 Jintong Road,Binhai Industrial Park,Xiangshan,Ningbo,Zhejiang,315712,China

  • Official Website

Established in 2005, Ginlong Technologies(Stock

Code: 300763.SZ) is one of most experienced and

largest manufacturers of solar inverters.

Ginlong¡¯s cost-effective solutions for residential, commercial, and

utility-scale users deliver value at every level of the solar supply

chain, engaging both homeowners and businesses, as well as

power producers and renewable energy investors across the globe.

Presented under the Solis brand, the company¡¯s solar inverter product

line uses innovative string technology to deliver first-class reliability,

validated under the most stringent international certifications.

Combining a global supply chain with world-class R&D and

manufacturing capabilities, Ginlong optimizes its Solis inverters for

each regional market, servicing and supporting its customers with its

team of local experts.

Proven bankability has attracted support from world leading financial

institutions, ensuring solid long-term returns on investment. Working

with stakeholders to accelerate the worlds journey towards a more

sustainable future.

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Ginlong Technologies Co., Ltd.