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First, as a self-contained power. Some power units do not have network power supply, such as islands far away from the mainland, remote pastoral areas, rural areas, and barracks, workstations, and radar stations in desert plateaus. They need to be equipped with self-contained power.

Second, as an alternative power. The main purpose is that although some electricity users have relatively stable and reliable grid power supply, in order to prevent unexpected situations, such as circuit failures or temporary power failures, they can still be configured as emergency power generation and power users whose requirements for power supply security are relatively high. Even power outages of one minute and one second are not allowed. Self-emergency power generation must be used to replace the power supply at the moment when the network power is terminated; otherwise it will cause major losses in the district. Such units include some traditional high power supply guarantee units, such as hospitals, mines, power plants, and factories that use electric heating equipment. In recent years, network power has become a new growth point in the demand for alternative power, such as telecom operators, banks, Airports, command centers, databases, highways, high-grade hotels and office buildings, high-end dining and entertainment venues, etc. Due to the use of network management, these units are increasingly becoming the main body of backup power.

Third, as a mobile power. Mobile power is a power generation facility that has no fixed place of use. Most of the power consumers using mobile power have the nature of mobile work, such as oil fields, geological prospecting, field engineering exploration, camping picnics, mobile command posts, trains, ships, freight container power compartments, military mobile weaponry power supplies, etc. There are also some mobile powers that have the nature of emergency power, such as emergency power supply vehicles of urban power, water and gas supply departments, engineering rescue vehicles and emergent repair of vehicles.

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