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As a Wuhan-based central state-owned high-tech enterprise attached to China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, China Space Sanjiang Group Corporation holds gross assets of RMB 30.2 billion, creates annual output value of RMB 15 billion, employs a staff of over 20,000 and has 36 member units including 7 R&D centers, 16 manufacturing companies and 13 service companies which are mainly distributed in Wuhan City, Beijing City, Nanjing City, Xiaogan City and Yuan’an County.

We propel innovation and set up our own unique technical innovation system consisting of 2 national enterprise technology centers, 1 national enterprise research and application center, 6 provincial pilot innovative enterprises and 13 provincial enterprise technology centers, reputed to be a group boasting the largest number of enterprise technology centers in Hubei Province. Additionally, we won over 800 science and technology progress awards at provincial or ministerial level or above (including 6 national science and technology progress awards) and held over 600 patents.

We specialize in light vehicle product serials, packing machinery, feed machinery, mechanical and electronic complete sets of equipment, heavy-duty chassis, communications transmission equipment manufacturing; R&D and services of light vehicles, machinery(including packing equipment and feed equipment), mechanical and electrical complete sets of equipment, communications transmission equipment; engineering contracting. Additionally, we develop sidelines such as supply and sales of raw and auxiliary materials, hardware and electrical equipment, general merchandises, electrical machinery and accessories, and wholesale/retail of building and decorative materials.

We take the lead in heavy-duty flat bed trailers which take a 50% domestic market share and are sold to 10-odd counties and regions such as South Korean, the Netherlands, Norway and Singapore. And we are the pioneer to R&D world class desert cementing truck chassis, national all-terrain rescue drilling rig chassis, national self-propelled off-road vehicle chassis with the heaviest load, first set electronic ladle vehicle with zero carbon exhaust and national 600 hp heavy-duty tractor. At present, we are engaged in develop strategic emerging industry projects such as heavy mining dumper truck and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) equipment. It is worth mentioning that we have the first and the largest enterprise that specializes in the R&D and large-scale production of high-power lasers and core parts in China. We R&D serial products of 10-100w pulsed fiber laser and 50-4000W continuous-wave fabric lasers that have been

sold abroad like America, Europe, Japan and South Korea.
By implementing innovation-driven strategy, talent flourishing enterprise strategy, quality winning strategy, international business strategy and harmonious development strategy, We advocate unite, striving, open mind, tolerance, innovation, stability, creation and sharing that we are up to build a group featuring open mind learning, successful innovation, top quality, high profits and harmonious development.

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