Shanghai Jinlang Internation Trading Co.,Ltd.

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Shanghai Jinlang Internation Trading Co.,Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    Power Tools

  • Location:

    no.5 Xinrong Rd,Xinqiao Town, Songjiang District,Shanghai,China

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KEN Holding Co., LTD is an advanced high tech company. 

It rises in one of the region with the highest dynamic economic ability in the worldwide area Shanghai city, China. Here, The biggest R&D, QA Center and Manufacturing plant were found for more than 20 years. 

Adhering to the philosophy of 飞haring the pleasant in work”,Ken integrates global leading R&Dtechnologies of electric tools industry successfully by our forward looking, unique international horizon and integrated keen sense. 

Keep fitting the demands of customer. We continuously provide comprehensive and innovative products and professional service which is a systemic solution felt to be optimal to global customer. 

We wholeheartedly help customers to create their higher value effectively with the rapid response capacity. 

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Shanghai Jinlang Internation Trading Co.,Ltd.