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shenzhen lianjiaxiang science $ techology co.,ltd

  • Main Products:

    Electronic Commerce

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    ljx industeial park,guanlan high-technology garden,shenzhen

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Shenzhen LianJiaXiang Science & Technology Co. Ltd was established in 1998. It is a national high-tech company specialized in research and development, manufacturing, selling and services of weak-current wires and cables , being used  in  securityㄛcommunicationㄛElectrical equipment system﹝The company  has  full  range  of  Signal control cable, Video coaxial cable, Network cable and other Customized wires and cables, including  LSZH  Series  of  Environmentally-friendly Series, Flame retardant Series, Refractory Series, Waterproof Series, Heat resistant Series etc. 
The company's products are widely used in security monitoring system, intelligent –building weak-current electricity system, computer network system, intelligent rail traffic , mechanical and electrical equipment control system and other fields.
LianJiaXiang's headquarter is located in Shenzhen. It also set up wholly owned subsidiary offices in Shanghai, Beijing andShenzhen. Furthermore, it has its own industrial park located in Shenzhen Guanlan High-tech Park and the new  Wuhu eco-industrial park located in Anhui province. 
Lianjiaxiang company has strong technical force and a full range of testing equipment. Stability and reliability are the key qualities of Lianjiaxiang's products. Currently, The products have been authorized with China Compulsory Commodity certification (CCC), The national industrial production  permission of  wire and cable, ISO9001(2008) quality control system Recognition, CQC certification, UL Certification, CE Certification, Certification of state administration of radio, Firm & TV and television network. It also won the TUV certification issued by National Standardization Administration Committee.
Shenzhen LianJiaXiang takes product quality as guarantee and market demands as guidance to research, product development and manufacturing of high quality wires and cables used in the intelligent system. It is also the pursuit for LJX people to encourage themselves to move forward continuously.

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shenzhen lianjiaxiang science $ techology co.,ltd