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    A qualification of professional contracting of the roadbed, bridges, tunnels, airports Field Road project and urban rail traffic engineering, geological disaster control in the Grade

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China Railway 17th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as the Seventh Division of the railway corps, was established in 1952, the soldiers changed work incorporated into the Ministry of Railways in January 1984, decoupling with the Ministry of Railways in October 1999 and September 2001, establishing a modern enterprise system China Railway Construction Corporation Limited a wholly-owned construction enterprises. China Railway 17th Bureau Group Corporation is the limited construction of the railway projects contracted grade corporate, and highways, municipal utilities, water utilities, housing construction general contracting qualification and roadbed, bridges, tunnels, airport runway project professional contractor a level qualification and urban rail transit project, geological disasters, governance Grade and other qualifications; owns the operating rights of the contracting overseas engineering, surveying, design, supervision and project, import and export of equipment and materials and to send foreign labor. Group level of existing staff 1196 people, with technical and economic management of the various professional and technical titles 1017, which is a Registered Architect 83 (108 Professional), a registered architect, a registered structural 4 engineers, registered electrical engineer, registered public facility engineer, registered civil engineer (geotechnical), registered cost, with high, intermediate grade engineering and economic management of 875 people, business assets The total amount of 12.6 billion yuan. Corporation consists of two, three, four, five, six, construction, electrification, rail transit project, materials Co., Ltd., Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 11 wholly owned companies and railways, highways, municipal, housing construction, Water Resources and Hydropower, bridge and tunnel, framing engineering company (branch) and a Survey and Design Institute, the annual construction capacity of more than 40 billion yuan. Business geographical coverage to the whole country and overseas. Has constructed a large number of railway, highway, municipal, housing construction, airports, water conservancy and hydropower, urban rail transit and "electricity" and other key engineering construction projects, the cumulative built 5100 km of railway, road 4000 km, 500 km of tunnels, bridges, 2930 km 4 million square meters of various types of housing. Enterprises in the railway passenger line, high-speed railway construction and urban rail construction field with strong technology and equipment capabilities. In recent years, has participated in 25 Nanjing-Hangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai, Zhengzhou-Xi'an, Ningbo, Chengdu-Chongqing railway passenger line and high-speed railway construction. In recent years, the renewal of equipment investment reached 2.196 billion yuan, the whole group has 16 sets of 32 meters and 900 tons box girder precast production lines, 4 sets of prefabricated T beam production line, with 10 sets of bridges mentioned transport aircraft equipment, 12 sets of mobile mold, five sets of ballastless track board production line, 33 (4 types) ballastless track board the laying of the operating line, 12 sets of city subway shield construction equipment and a large number of advanced large-scale professional construction equipment. Railway previous quality credit rating to maintain a Class A corporate status. Enterprises in the tunnel, and difficult bridges, large municipal, building, railway "electricity", Water Resources and Hydropower, airport engineering field has a good business performance and competitive advantage. Built the first long tunnel in Asia, the total length of 27.8 km Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan passenger dedicated line Taihang Mountain Tunnel, 20 km-long Lan-Xin Railway Wushaoling tunnel more than 800 tunnels; built two of the world's first one with a deck of public rail Ning Yellow River Bridge, Bridge - Chongqing Yudong Yangtze River Bridge, set a number of complex technologies as one of Asia's first road Takahashi Longtan River Bridge, the highest railway bridge in Asia, Kunming Railway spend Slope Bridge such as fine tip bridge project over more than 2600; the construction of the Haikou Meilan International Airport, the Zhejiang Zhaoshandu water diversion project, Guizhou Dahuashui hydropower stations and other large water conservancy, airport construction projects and the Qingdao Railway Station Underground Engineering, the Fujian Dengyun golf course, Shanxi Province, the IRS a large number of municipal buildings, Xiamen Tung floating buildings, Guangzhou University City, Shanxi Province, libraries, housing construction. Maintain a superior position in terms of R & D and technology innovation. Scientific and technological projects in recent years has completed 106, 108 promotion of "new technology", the quality of the construction in progress, the passing rate was 100%, won 15 of the engineering and construction Luban project, "National High Quality Project Award" of 18 , quality works of provincial (ministerial) 124, 3 Represented Civil Engineering Prize, won the national scientific and technological progress a second prize is two more than the provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards 29, 58 national patents, development 158 advanced and practical engineering methods, the Corporation was approved in 2002 for high-tech construction enterprises have been identified as a provincial technical center in Shanxi Province in 2007, 2008 have been identified as high-tech enterprises. The enterprise passed the ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system and GB/T28001 Occupational health and safety system certification, has won the "Year of the the Luban Engineering Honor," National Engineering Construction Quality Management Excellent Enterprise "," National Shou contract re-credit enterprises "," National Excellent Construction Enterprise ", the building of spiritual civilization advanced unit", "China's outstanding corporate integrity", and was awarded the "National May Day Labor Award. China Railway 17th Bureau Group has always been adhering to contributing to society, the pursuit of excellence, development and win-win concept, and the community work together, work together to create a better tomorrow.

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