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 Guangdong Silk-tex Corporation Group is a large-scale enterprise group mainly engaged in the production and trading of cocoons, silk, silk fabric, textile and garments, integrating agriculture, industry, commerce, trade, scientific research and education. Her annual import and export volume took the lead in the industry as one of the top 200 biggest import and export enterprises in China.

     Since its foundation 50 years ago, especially the reform of integrating commerce, industry and agriculture in 1982, the Corporation adhered to the policy of export orientation with an effort to extend foreign trade volume, and promoted the production in cocoon, silk, silk fabric, garments and other textile products. At present, the Corporation owns three reeling factories, sole investing or shareholding, five garment manufactories, 2,500 plus units of production facilities such as sewing machines, and over a hundred of joint-venture factories. With a perfected production management system, advance production technology, specialized managers and skilful workers, the Corporation bears strong capacity in producing and processing all kinds of textile products and garments. Most of our factories have obtained ISO9002, and all our products are under strict inspection by China inspection authorities or S.G.S., which have all accorded with the international environmental protection standard. As a result, we received frequent orders from American or European buyers, such as WAL-MARK, K-MARK, JC-PENNY, H&M, after they inspected our factories. At present, our annual import and export volume totalled 100 plus million US dollars, with an annual cocoon output of 40,000 tons and the total asset of 300 plus million Yuan.

      To follow the state's policy and to meet with the need to join WTO, the Corporation carried out a large-scale reform since 2001. The capital structure has altered from the original 100% state-owned into the current multiple holders structure, where the operators hold big share and most staffs are share holders. The state now holds only 30% of the total share. Therefore, the Corporation has successfully turned from the Planned Economy Mode to the Market Economy Mode. This has greatly motivated the passion and enthusiasm of managers of all levels and the mass employees. In 2001, the Corporation achieved a total import and export volume of 988 million US dollars with an export volume of 770 million US dollars. Meanwhile, Guangdong silk was listed as 42nd among the top 500 import and export enterprises among the country, and 23rd among the top 200 export enterprises. In 2002, her trading has performed even better with a total import and export volume of 1.25 billion US dollars, among which, export accounts to over 1 billion US dollars, 26.5% and 29.9% increased respectively, compared with last year. Her export to the USA totalled 138 million US dollars, accounting to 15% of the total export volume, 62% increased than last year. The export markets for textile and garments have also expanded from the original Hong Kong, Macao, and Southeast Asia, to 144 countries and regions from the five continents.

     The Corporation also implemented the CI policy by launching and maintaining our own branded products. With the advantages in system and scientific technology, the Corporation created the brand "SILIQUE" for high quality raw silk, silk fabric, textile and garments in recent year. As the Gold medal winner at the Third China Silk Fair, and listed as one of the "Emphatically Supported and Developed Famous Export Brands" by the Foreign Trade and Economy Ministry of China, we have registered our brand SILIQUE in the USA and many European countries, and also has established several franchise stores and counters in the country.

       Located in Guangzhou, a frontier city for the reform and open policy in southern China, as a communication hub for sea, land and air transportation, with an open-minded government and cheap labour cost, the Corporation's subsidiary companies cover the Pearl River delta area. The Corporation also has a strong trading force with decades of experience in international business. Meanwhile, the Corporation also owns abundant resource, with almost 400,000 square metres of land area in Pearl River delta, which can be used for industrial or commercial purpose. When the reform is completed, the Corporation will be run totally under the market economy mode, taking active part into global economic competition. The Corporation will follow the policy of multiple investing main bodies to further improve the capitalization structure, seeking cooperation with multinational companies and enterprises with strength for their investment, in an effort to develop the group into an international company.

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