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shenzhen wanyelong solar technology co.,ltd

  • Main Products:

    TCO conductive glass, the glass substrate of the thin-film photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic cells backplane glass, electrical and electronic matching glass, furniture glass, supporting the construction glass, decorative glass

  • Location:

    wanyelong technology park,li yuan industrial zone,baoan district,shenzhen,china


Guangdong Shenzhen Wanyelong Solar Technology Co.,LTD is a high technology company which professionally produce A-Si thin film modules,develop and design solar dynamoelectric system.
Wanyelong Solar technology prophase invested 180 million to build a producing base over 50,000m2,had advanced producing and testing equipment and professional staff.Now,company has producing ability over 5 MW,the transitional rate of photoelectricity could be 6%.In the meantime,the develop Dept. commit themselves to the solar resource£¬supply production with environment,fashion, applied and low price,to make the new solar resource to humen-life.
A-Si thin film advantage and distinguishing
Amorphous silicon, or more precisely a-Si:H, based thin-film photovoltaic cell has been successfully used in a wide range of solar battery applications for several decades. Silicon is abundantly available, and is known to be stable and environmentally safe.
The basic device is constructed by depositing on conductive substrate, such as a TCO coated glass, layers of a-Si:H alloy with different doping agent to form a p-i-n junction, and caped with another conductive layer to form back contact.
Much development efforts have been put into improving the device in the last 30 years. Recent innovations have made amorphous silicon one of the most promising and mature commercial PV technology for low cost power generation. Some of the important aspects of development include:
· Multi-junction incorporating stack of cells with materials of lower band-gap, e.g. a-SiGe:H or µc-Si :H, resulting in a device capable of absorbing a wider portion of the solar spectrum and hence increasing conversion efficiency.
· Light trapping techniques through surface morphology design of both the TCO and back-reflector, resulting in increased absorption and thinner absorber layer, which in turn help reduce light-induced degradation.
· Deposition technology, such as very high frequency PECVD, that help improve deposition rate and layer morphology.
· Module construction technology, a range of technical advancements including monolithic cell fabrication that integrate a series of cells into a single power source with desirable output voltage and current; encapsulation materials and processing that ensure the thin-film devices are well protected to operate for 30 plus years; large area deposition that result in reduced balance-of-module costs.

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shenzhen wanyelong solar technology co.,ltd