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    Trading Company,Others

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    Water conservancy and hydropower, wind power, solar power and municipal engineering, surveying, design, research, consultation, supervision and general contracting and other business

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Kunming Engineering Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as " "KHIDI") was initially formed for operation in Yunnan Province in 1953 and officially established in 1957. It is a Class A designer specialized in survey, design, scientific research, consulting, construction supervision and general contracting of water conservancy, hydropower, wind power, solar thermal power generation and municipal engineering projects both at home and abroad. So far, HYDROCHINA Kunming has acquired from competent government authorities multiple Class A qualifications in terms of project survey, design, general contracting and construction supervision. In addition, HYDROCHINA Kunming owns nearly 40 Class A special qualification certificates covering environmental protection, water and soil conservation, cost evaluation, water resources assessment, safety assessment, survey and demarcation, project management as well as contracting and operation of overseas projects. HYDROCHINA Kunming has been successfully authenticated by China National Accreditation Council for Registrars (CNACR) and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Besides, HYDROCHINA Kunming is a member of China Association of International Engineering Consultants (CAIEC), China National Association of Engineering Consultants (CNAEC) and International Federation of Consulting Engineers. Since 1992, HYDROCHINA Kunming has been among China’s Top 100 Designers and on a leading position among hydropower designers. It also ranks first out of Top 50 Designers in Yunnan Province. Over the past years, HYDROCHINA Kunming has been successively awarded the honorable titles issued by both provincial and central government authorities, such as Civilized Unit of Yunnan Province, National Advanced Unit for Quality and Economic Benefits, National Excellent Enterprise of Power Sector, National Advanced Unit of Power Sector for Implementation of Customers’ Satisfaction Scheme, Enterprise up to Satisfaction of Customers, Advanced Unit for Poverty Alleviation among Central State Organizations, National Model of Corporate Social Accountability, Outstanding Enterprise of Construction Sector of Yunnan Province as well as Winner of May 1st Labor Certificate of Yunnan Province. Furthermore, Lubuge Hydropower Project in which HYDROCHINA Kunming participated has been granted the title of Top 100 Classical Projects for 60th Anniversary of China.
Based on its solid technical force, HYDROCHINA Kunming has designed more than 400 hydropower projects and accumulated rich engineering and practical experience over the past five decades. Following technological innovation and engineering practice over years, HYDROCHINA Kunming has approached internationally leading level in many fields, such as inter-basin development, high-slope treatment; designing of various types of high dam, high-head penstock, high-flow and high-head flood discharge and energy dissipation works, underground works as well as large-opening and high-pressure gates; and researches on karst and large-capacity units. Main hydropower projects surveyed and designed by HYDROCHINA Kunming such as Yilihe Cascade, Lubuge, Manwan, Tianshengqiao I, Xiaowan and Nuozhadu represent milestones in China’s history of hydropower development. Such projects have enabled HYDROCHINA Kunming to win 331 national, provincial and ministerial prizes, including 55 national prizes, 213 provincial prizes and 66 ministerial prizes. Moreover, HYDROCHINA Kunming has invented 28 national utility model patents, consequently forming a number of both domestically and internationally leading core technologies.
HYDROCHINA Kunming is well known for its solid technical force and emphasis on personnel training. At the present, there are 1526 staffs serving the company, including 176 professor-level senior engineers, 448 senior professional title holders, 482 intermediate title holders and 115 technicians. Out of aforesaid staffs, there are 2 national engineering design masters, 7 engineering survey and design masters of Yunnan Province; 2 persons granted the title of technological innovation talent of Yunnan Province and 3 persons selected as reserve candidates for academic and technical pacesetters of Yunnan Province; 17 gainers of special government allowance granted by the State Council for their outstanding contributions and 11 gainers of special allowance granted by Yunnan Provincial Government. HYDROCHINA Kunming’s technical force, which is characterized by rational age structure, strong technical capability, high reputation in the industry and rich experience, consists of 578 certified professionals covering more than 100 disciplines, such as production, operation and management.
Among the counterparts of same sector, HYDROCHINA Kunming has taken the lead in construction supervision, project investment and general contracting. It has been actively exploiting international market in the fields of project survey, design and consulting businesses. While confronting complicated and varied social, economic and hydropower development conditions, HYDROCHINA Kunming has been following scientific planning, working hard through innovation in a pioneering spirit, forging ahead with determination and adhering to the principle of Political, Managerial and Operational Stabilities. For the sake of rapid, steady and sustainable development, HYDROCHINA Kunming has shaped a strategy of Vigorous Pursuing of Contracted Projects, Moderate Controlling of Expansion, Optimization of Stock Assets and Rolling Development at Appropriate Time, and established a business development idea of Laying Foundation in Domestic Market, Maintaining Sustainable Development in International Market, Promoting Development through Industry Investment and Seeking Long-Term Development through Restructuring. All these have facilitated to turn HYDROCHINA Kunming into a modern technology-, management- and capital-intensive enterprise from a traditional technologically intensive enterprise.
With rapid social and economic development as well as progressive acceleration of industrialization and urbanization in China, HYDROCHINA Kunming will stick to its enterprise spirit of being People-Oriented, Being Tolerant and Honest, Scientific Objectivity and Innovation through Pioneering, vigorously promote development and utilization of clean and renewable energy, provide high quality services to clients; improve economic, social and environmental benefits of contracted projects, and makes more contributions to building a resource-conserving and environmental-friendly society! 

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