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    Marine engineering equipment and special projects to ship construction ;Equipment engineering design, manufacture and installation

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Unity Unity is the source of strength. China Merchants aims to create a harmonious atmosphere and employees have mutual understanding and mutual support so as to enhance employees commitment and loyalty to the company.

Practicality Idle talks bring harm to the country, only practical work can make the country prosperous. We need to work hard and be men of action, tell the truth, make practical efforts and seek for effectiveness. We should be men of action and integrity.

Prudence We should be cautious and conscientious at work. Employees should have precise knowledge of the standard and procedures of their jobs and comply with them at work.

Efficiency Time is money and efficiency is life. We aim for high efficiency and effectiveness. We should race against the times and set rigorous standard and time schedule for each project. 


Corporate Style 

Patriotism Patriotism is a lofty realm of thought, which has great appeal and is a force for unity. Over a century of development, China Merchants has maintained and enhanced the patriotic tradition, which has already transcended into the soul of the enterprise. China merchants has undergone the ups and downs with the motherland and shared the same fate with the motherland. At all times, China Merchants will contribute to the prosperity of China through its own business growth, and will always put national interests first during its business expansion.

Self-reliance China Merchants has grown with the spirit of self-reliance. China Merchants will always maintain such spirit and march forward in both favorable and adverse circumstances.

Pioneering Pioneering represents the trend of the times. China Merchants has set many precedents of China. We will carry forward and enhance the pioneering spirit of our predecessors. We will never be satisfied with the status quo and will seek opportunities for development and make new achievements.

Credibility Credibility is a business ethic advocated by China Merchants. Under the competitiveness of the market, China Merchants has complied with all contracts and kept its promises, and has enjoyed high reputation with credibility. China Merchants looks for cooperative relations with business partners and aims for long-term development.

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