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    LED lamps ,Headlamp , Multi-function , led light, solar street light, solar light, solar panel

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 Guangdong Jinyuan lighting technology Co., LTD. Is a professional in LED the development of the new luminescence materials, packaging and application of new and high-tech enterprise, is also the first batch of strategic emerging industry in guangdong province cultivate enterprise. The main products of the company include indoor lighting series, landscape decoration series, outdoor camping series, miner's series, torch series, etc, and can be widely used in home, mine mall, roads, the urban landscape, traffic facilities, automotive lighting.
Guangdong Jinyuan lighting technology Co., LTD. Was established in 2004, the registered capital is 25.08 million Hong Kong dollars, is a professional in LED lighting products, the LED light source package, new technology research and development and production of high-tech enterprises, is also the first batch of strategic emerging industry in guangdong province cultivate enterprise. The company is located in chaozhou economic and technical development zone (chaozhou avenue north Station Road), covers an area of 60000 square meters, with a total construction area of 50000 square meters (including standardized plant construction area of 30000 square meters), garden design, facilities are complete, the existing high quality staff more than 1800. The company from the beginning, we in the spirit of "to be, see the mountains bullying extremely small" goal, increased year by year technology development fund, constantly tracking on the most advanced international lighting technology for energy conservation, well-grounded, roll out the wide prospect of market new products, make the enterprise always walk in our country lighting technology innovation of the front, a number of results was listed in the provincial and municipal science and technology plan, and won the progress prize in science and technology. Company with modern management concept of human resources as the basis, with "all rivers run into sea" spirit, assemble a group of innovative consciousness and rich practical experience in the person of outstanding ability; At the same time actively explore the modern enterprise management system of construction, so as to set up a set of uniform, standard, fair, scientific management mode of remarkable performance, and through the implementation of the model and constantly improve, an enterprise management actions in good order and coordination and efficient, make the enterprise vitality infinite, staff morale high, make enterprise profit maximization, sustainable development and it is with the person this ultimate goal.
The company based on domestic and overseas eye, both at home and abroad, has established a sales network, the product not only best-selling all over the country, but also exported to Africa, South America, Middle East, southeast Asia and Taiwan, and other countries and regions; LED lighting products in our country has become the most complete specifications varieties, technical level is the highest and largest leading enterprises. The company has successively been awarded by people's government "creditable" enterprise, "chaozhou state-sponsored tax investors", "outstanding achievements export enterprise", "famous brand products of Guangdong province", "Guangdong export famous brand". After to open, and the company will continue the "vision of sincere" the management goal, to the technology innovation drive management innovation, do I have no one, I have specially, is my new, new I constant, to provide our clients with products of performance and price is, hand in hand towards the energy-saving lighting products new field, create the brilliant future!   

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