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Guangzhou Havit technology Co., Ltd

  • Main Products:

    TWS earset,bluetooth speaker,barcet ,smartwatch,keyboard,mouse ,headset,headphone.

  • Location:

    Addr:Room 13051307 PWTC, Unit 2, No.1000 Xingang Dong Road ,Haizhu District Guangzhou,China

  • Official Website

Who is HAVIT?

 Havit is a well-known brand dedicated to the design, R&D, and manufacture of cost-efficiency and creative 3C products, especially stylish consumer electronics, to the global market. What we produce is mainly based on PC and mobile terminal.

 Founded in 1998, HAVIT headquarter is located in Guangzhou, one of the largest cities in China. This regional advantage allows us to enjoy many supply chain benefits.

What does HAVIT produce? 

Havit covers four categories, respectively Audio products, PC & gaming peripherals, mobile phone accessories as well as creative home appliances. These products are provided to the global market through 3 major sales channels and 2 differently positioned brands, Havit & HAKII.

Besides, we proudly have a production plant, an acoustic laboratory and multiple innovative R&D teams.

Next is the milestone of HAVIT:

The history of Havit is glorious, The highlights:

In 2012, Havit was awarded the high-tech enterprise title by the government, which is an official award for distinguished local companies.

In 2014, our domestic E-commerce department was established to focus on and, the largest two e-commerce giants in China.

In 2018, Havit was rated the top 50 Chinese suppliers of Amazon, and also won the 1st prize of online audio sales on TMALL platform in Chinas domestic market.

Two years later in 2020, a state-of-the-art acoustic research center was setup up, in order to better support our wireless audio source products.

In conclusion, the huge success of Havit is based on 4 business advantage points, including proprietary product development, modern mass production, brand operation and independent marketing. 

Havit has always been committed to becoming a great brand leader in the area of consumer electronics. Currently, Havit operates 3 brands, Havit, Hakii and Gamenote.

 For Havit, its a high performance brand dedicated to mobile accessories, audio products, and smart home appliances . 

As to Hakii, its a premium brand focusing on sports audio products. For Gamenote, it is a brand specifically setup up to satisfy gamers pursuit of extreme performance & comfort.

 Marketing networks. Basically, we have around 100 agents and distributors all over the world to support Havit brand cooperation. Most of the partners come from Europe and America, which constitute 70% of the total business share. As for Asia, Africa and other regions, they account for 30% of our global business.

Havit has over 35 of the partners are Key Accounts, which means deep cooperation with us. Most of them are distinguished international chain store brands, including sudio, netonnet, which come from the Nordic region; Fresh n rebel from the Netherlands; Mercado libre from South America; Flipkart, the top Indian E-commerce giant; and European superstores like Lidl and Aldi.

welcome to be Havit partner! 


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Guangzhou Havit technology Co., Ltd