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    Automobile, Special-purpose Vehicle and Parts and Accessories,Motorcycle and Parts,Ship and Watercraft,Marine Equipment and Parts,Hardware and Tool,Machine Tool and Parts and Accessories,Meter,Enginee

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 Jiangsu Sainty machinery import and export group has the 35 years experiences in the major of importing and exporting trading business company.(is shorted called Sainty Machinery) As it is the top of some other trading companies and also is an important member in the Jiangsu Sainty group. In 2009, Sainty Machinery finished the export to achieve the sales at 3.88 hundred million USD, Especially, the export is 2.13 hundred million US dollar; the import is 1.75 hundred million US dollar.
The company works on main of three parts:
    1. Each of products exports business. One of them includes the electromechanical instrument products, such as hand tools, electric tools, equipment, car accessories, home appliance, and suits of equipments and so on. Secondly, it is light industry products; include the clothes, home textile, toys, and commodities. Thirdly, it is new energy and new material to export overseas, include solar energy, Photovoltaic (PV).
    2. Import business includes the textile machinery, medical equipment, printing mechanism and other equipments. It also has the ability to been an agent for machining center. Sainty Machinery as a dealer imports the metal, chemical, wood and so son to sale.
    3. Each of major engineering issues.  It mains about wastewater treatment, air deodorization, supply water to city, and solve the city refuse and protecting of the environment project.
    For the our company in the main of exporting business is to be more comprehensive and perfect, we will develop the thirty years of experience to advance in business include managing, credit, capital, employee the talent people, and the prior channel for the competitive marketing. Our company will do the main works in the next three to five years.
    1. Management science, improves the service realize. Based on the ISO9001:2000 of the quality certificate, Sainty machinery will use the information management to advance the import and export.  The advantages improve the service for our customers and avoid the risk in the operation. It could help us to complete the business developing in the future.
    Secondly, we consist on the quality is our main core of responsibility to import and export in our business. We still need to focus on developing the new energy and so on for exporting. Then we prepare to strengthen on managing the brand researching and developing the new products in the hand tool, equipment of the traditional exporting products, also needs to export the new energy of PV. Our mission is to achieve above these for the shine point to be an important member in the company as soon.
    3. Increasing the talent to attend our company, and provide the suitable environment to train. It means to achieve the managing and work together. We are honest to invite international and national talent or the cooperator coming to our company for discussing joining us things and cooperate. We are pleasure to consult about the new developing business area and items for the speeding developed to our company.


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