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    Automobile, Special-purpose Vehicle and Parts and Accessories,Ship and Watercraft,Boatyard and Platform Equipment,Bearing and Parts,Machine Tool and Parts and Accessories,Instrument,Engineering Machin

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After obtaining the authentication of ISO 9001 qualification system, YMC has always been running its business and trade strictly in accordance with international trade criterions and modern enterprise management modes. Through the efforts of about 20 years, it has established broad customer groups both domestically and abroad and set up an international trade marketing net of itself. The trade scale is increasing steadily and its accumulative import and export amount has exceeded US Dollars 20 billion. On the basis of developing import and export of mechanical and electrical products, YMC has successfully accomplished some large-scaled overseas engineering contracting projects, which enables the corporation of strong financing capability and compositive capabilities of service supplying and trade operation including foreign project tendering and bidding, project designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning at worksite, investment for establishing enterprises and investment for resources exploitation, etc.. It is shown by all these developing tracks that the corporation is marching to the direction of internationalization and collectivization. In the project operation, YMC incessantly adjusts its strategies and fully displays the advantages and might of the cooperative units. It attracts the designing institute with strong technical designing abilities, manufacturers, engineering construction units, scientific researching units and financing organizations to combine together with it as a united combo, which strengthens the operative capabilities of YMC itself and especially further demonstrates the corporation’s specialization advantages in the project cooperation. Range of Export: All kinds of mechanical and electrical products, metallic materials, constructive materials, mineral and chemical products, diesel engines, gasoline engines, tractors and agricultural serial machinery products, machine tools, machine tool spare parts, founding parts, forging parts, tightening parts, gears, bearings, mechanical parts, valves, pumps, woodworkers, hardware and tools, electrical tools, optical instrumental products, electrical appliances and electronical products. Range of Import: To import foreign advanced techniques, equipment and raw materials for all domestic customers of different fields and lines including industry, agriculture, communications, commerce, education, medical treatment, culture, scientific research and tourism, etc.. YMC will always take factualism and innovation as its operating and developing strategy and successively build the image and brand of the corporation by supplying products and services of best quality and sticking to cooperative ideas of perfection. YMC will also be sincere and friendly in its future cooperation with the friends from all fields of the society and holding the ideas of reciprocity, mutual benefit and common development so as to create together the bright tomorrow!

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