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    Trading Company,Others

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    Communication Device,Computer Product,Electronic Apparatus,Instrument,Medical Instrument and Equipment,Electrical Wire and Electrical Cable,Printing Machinery,Special-Purpose Electronic Equipment

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China post and telecommunications equipment group company (hereinafter referred to as the "post and telecommunications equipment group") was established in 1964, has ownership of posts and telecommunications, ministry of information industry, the steering committee, the state council of central enterprises state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, in December 2009, post and telecommunications equipment group restructuring merges into China general technology (group) limited liability company become its holding secondary son enterprise. In recent years, post and telecommunications equipment group firmly establish the scientific concept of development, focusing on the group company strategy development planning, adhere to the development of the main line, take the market as the guidance, the reform of enterprises, the positive development business, make great efforts to improve the core competitive capacity of enterprises. Through the business integration and framework reorganization, post and telecommunications equipment group already have a communication and electronic products distribution business, logistics business, retail business, e-commerce business, the repair business with the development of advantage, in a completely competitive market environment, connected to the user and effective mobile phone manufacturer, operators, and to improve the sales channel, comprehensive, the high quality service for many years become communication terminal sales industry platoon guide, is China telecom, China mobile, China unicom, operators and nokia, MOTOROLA, samsung, LG, DuoPuDa and other international brand and lenovo, such as huawei, zte, and domestic mobile phone manufacturers the most important strategic partners, in communication industry chain plays an important role.

In a communication electronic products terminal sales field, post and telecommunications equipment group is the largest communication electronic end products sales enterprise one of the, for ten years in the highest sales, the market share of more than 20%, with perfect domestic communication electronics products sales channels. In the mobile phone retail service fields, have own 696 retail outlets (including 511 operators, 185 home proprietary business hall cooperation shall hand out its decision), after-sales service network has covered national 16 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government, have two repair factory, 241 home to maintain a site and nokia, MOTOROLA, SONY Ericsson mobile phone manufacturer authorized famous is the highest level of maintenance the authentication certificate, also has "communications industry vocational skills training agency qualification society", and the maintenance factory became national (ministry of industry and information) communications industry professional skill appraisal instruction center designated phone maintenance training base.

Relying on post and telecommunication industry in forty years of development, and post and telecommunications equipment group and China telecom, China unicom and China mobile telecom operators such as established the close cooperation partners. Long-term for telecom operators provide equipment procurement international bidding, centralized purchasing bidding, and import and domestic procurement business agency services, as well as outsourcing service management, postal service hall operators value added business cooperation, equipment logistics and distribution services, through the development gradually become "operators of services".

In the logistics business areas, has initially built all over the main city logistics distribution network, in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu, changchun, xian has six large storage and transportation center, in the north, south, east, southwest, and other established multilevel logistics distribution center, in the more than 30 major cities on logistics network connection, formed a balanced stable area layout. Through the information system, realize the logistics distribution process real-time tracking, storage materials real-time management.

In the exhibition business areas, post and telecommunications equipment group of the "China international information communication exhibition" is information communication field in China's most influential, Asia's biggest world-class exhibition information communication is one of the domestic currently only through the international exhibition alliance authentication information industry (UFI) communication exhibition, has been successfully held the 20 th. The exhibition in the industry has high visibility and influence, the national leaders have to visit the exhibition. In 2010, post and telecommunications equipment group successfully held national political consultative conference "the tenth anniversary of the development of the western region ecological environment and living environment exhibition", get the leading comrades of the CPPCC national committee fully affirmation. In overseas exhibition business, post and telecommunications equipment group and including the international telecommunications union, international GSM association, many international organizations and institutions established the close cooperation, the ministry of industry and information related to the organization of the foreign exhibitors organization work, every year, domestic enterprises to participate in information communication organization overseas famous exhibitions, in the industry has a good reputation in the customer and reputation.

In July 2011 and China international advertising company complete reorganization. China international advertising company is 1984 by the state ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation approval and direct administration including business advertising business, the comprehensive export-oriented advertising enterprise, is one of China's level 1 advertising enterprises, the main operating international advertising communication, enterprise strategy consulting, international exhibition organization, public relations dissemination, the advertising business, brand management, marketing management, have foreign trade import and export right.

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