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Industrial Cosmetic Perfume Box Wrapping Machine
Industrial Cosmetic Perfume Box Wrapping Machine

Industrial Cosmetic Perfume Box Wrapping Machine

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Henan GELGOOG Machinery Co., Ltd


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Industrial Cosmetic Perfume Box Wrapping Machine

The BTB-300 perfume box wrapping machine is based on the combination of the various defects of the traditional cellophane packaging machine currently used in our country, and has been designed and applied for many years with many patented technologies for the needs of the users. Launched a new generation of packaging machinery.


The cosmetic box wrapping machine is widely used in the packaging of various boxed items such as medicine, health products, nutritional supplements, food, daily cosmetics, stationery, VCD tapes, poker, cigarettes and so on.


Perfume box wrapping machine features:

  • 1. This machine adopts the multi-station turntable alternate packaging method, all the wrapping and heat sealing actions are completed by cam transmission, with the characteristics of fast speed and stable operation.
  • 2. It is possible to pack boxes of different sizes by replacing the mold. The newly designed multiple patented structure makes it easier and faster to replace the mold.
  • 3. The perfume box wrapping machine adopts a new double-rotating film cutter, the service life is increased by 5 times, and the film cutting is more accurate and smooth.
  • 4. Equipped with a static eliminator, it can effectively eliminate the static electricity absorbed on the packaging film, making the film delivery smoother.
  • 5. The inverter is used to adjust the packaging speed, depending on the packaging items, up to 40 ~ 80 bags / min.
  • 6. Equipped with double-sided wrinkle shaping device, making the film packaging more close-fitting and more beautiful.
  • 7. The cellophane wrapping machine has the function of compound self-adhesive laser anti-counterfeiting unsealing line, which really plays the role of anti-counterfeiting and moisture-proof.

Cellophane wrapping machine data:






Packaging material

film and gold tear tape

Packing speed

40~80 boxes/min

40~80 boxes/min

40~80 boxes/min

10-25 boxes/min

Max.package size






220V 50Hz  5kw

220V 50Hz  5kw

220V 50Hz  5kw

220V 50Hz  5.5kw

Machine weight





Machine dimensions





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