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Shield cable
Shield cable

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Shield cable

Performance characteristics:

1. DC resistance: 20 centigrade, 0.4mm copper wire, less than equal to 148 Omega /km, 0.5mm copper wire, less than equal to 95 Omega /km.

2. insulation electrical strength: 1min 1kV between conductors does not break through conductors and shield 1min 3KV from breakdown

3. insulation resistance: each core line is grounded with the rest of the wire, the control cable is greater than 10000M Omega.Km, and the HYAT cable is greater than 3000M Omega.Km.

4. working capacitance: the average value is 52 + 2nF/km

5. the defense degree of the far end crosstalk: the average power of the specified combination is greater than 69dB/km when 150kHZ.

Performance difference:

The control cable has the characteristics of moistureproof, anticorrosion and damage prevention, and can be laid in the tunnel or the cable trench. [1] power cable is used to transmit and distribute high power energy in main line of power system. The control cable can transmit electric energy directly to the power connection line of all kinds of electrical equipment and appliances from the point of power system distribution. The rated voltage of the power cable is generally 0.6/1kV and above, and the control cable is mainly 450/750V. When the power cables and control cables of the same specifications are produced, the insulation and sheath thickness of the power cable are thicker than that of the control cables.

(1) the control cable belongs to the cable of the electrical equipment, and the power cable is the 2 of the five major categories of the cable.

(two) the standard of control cable is 9330, and the standard of power cable is GB12706.

(three) control cable insulation wire color is generally black and white printing, low voltage power cable is usually color.

(four) the section of the control cable is generally not more than 10 square, the power cable is mainly the transmission of electric power, and generally it is large section.

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