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Industrial refrigeration air cooler evaporator for cold store
Industrial refrigeration air cooler evaporator for cold store

Industrial refrigeration air cooler evaporator for cold store

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Shandong Shenzhou Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd.


Trading Company,Manufacturer

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Choice materials and best processing technology; High price performance ratio; Easy to install and maintain;

 Features of cold room air cooler:

 Industrial refrigeration air cooler evaporator for cold store

  • HFE coil/fin system ensures maximum energy efficiency


  • Shenzhou refrigeration (ARKREF) air coolers adopt a coil/fin system, achieving maximum heat transfer capacity while ensuring minimum pressure loss.


  • The K-value is optimized to raise the refrigerating capacity effectively.


  • Minor air resistance leads to less fan energy dissipation.


  • Short defrosting cycle and long defrosting interval prolong the operating time of air coolers effectively.


  • Compact configuration with high efficiency


  • Reliable defrosting function with high-efficiency


  • The flared heating coil and fins have been connected at their optimal state when defrosting with electricity.
  • With no energy loss during energy transfer, lower defrosting end temperature in the heat exchanger can shorten the time for defrosting. Freezing is rare due to extremely low surface temperature of the heating tube (<95).



Choice materials and best processing technology


Shenzhou refrigeration (ARKREF) air coolers are featured by long-term corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and easy to clean.

Shenzhou refrigeration (ARKREF) air coolers ensure the high quality through purchasing the best materials and components.


High price performance ratio

Shenzhou refrigeration (ARKREF) air cooler is the best choice considering both the cost and energy consumption.

The high efficiency of our air coolers can be safeguarded due to minor adjustments among the cooler parts and extreme accuracy in parts coordination. We ensure high efficiency through making constant subtle adjustments of the cooler parts and keeping accurate coordination between each component. We make best use of our energy-saving potential to continuously reduce the operational costs.

The best materials and top quality processing technologies are adopted to ensure long life expectancy and profits of our customers' investment.


Maximum protection on commodities


All models of Shenzhou refrigeration (ARKREF) air coolers can provide goods with the best protection.


Maximum temperature safety


The sensitive commodities are preserved under minimum temperature with "more lasting freshness".


Easy to install and maintain


Shenzhou refrigeration (ARKREF) air coolers highlight easy installation and maintenance in their designs and provided efficient and timely before- and after-sales services are provided for customers.


All important parts can be installed easily.


Once unpacked, the small-size air coolers can be installed immediately by just one technician. Small in size but high in efficiency, they are widely used for frozen and chilled foods to ensure freshness and tastiness.


High temp fin space is 4.5mm

Low temp fin space is 7mm


Fin space:4.5mm                            
Model Temp 0℃ Temp -18℃ Area Air flow Range   Air fan Defrost Net weight Gross
Inlet Outlet Dia. Fan Electricity Current
kW kW m2 m3/h m φmm φmm φmm piece A kW kg kg
SEH0896E 13.30 8.96 40.9 3900 10 15 35 300 3 1P 230V 50Hz 0.36 4.77 51.5 72.0
SEH1190E 17.70 11.90 40.9 6040 12 15 35 400 2 1P 230V 50Hz 0.83 5.34 56.0 76.0
SEH1820E 27.00 18.20 61.4 9060 15 22 42 400

Shandong Shenzhou Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Business Type:Trading Company,Manufacturer
Main Products:cold room refrigeration unit, air cooled refrigeration condensing unit, bitzer compressor condensing unit, cold room evaporator, compressor refrigeration equipment, cold storage refrigeration equipment

Shandong Shenzhou Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd, originating from Refrigeration Technology Service Department of Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology in 1989, is a company specialized in research, design, production, sales and services of refrigeration equipments. It has obtained ISO9001:2015 quality system certification and CE.

Our factory is located in Shengjing High-tech Park of Zhangqiu, Jinan city, China.  Its main products include reciprocating and screw parallel compressor units, low-temperature brine units, condensing units, purity CO2 systems, secondary refrigerant systems, CO2 cascade systems,digital scroll compressor units, flooded pump units and supporting electronic control systems, etc.  These products are widely applied to industries of food, medicine, chemistry, scientific research, logistics, and brewing etc.  Its sales network covers the whole country and the products are also being exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, and developed countries in Europe and America.

Undertaking the mission of "committed to the innovation and application of refrigeration technology; strive for the good life of human beings", the company ensures the continuous improvement of product quality by using advanced'SAP' management system, gradually transforming the methods of pipeline production, adopting advanced production methods and equipment, and applying strict quality assurance system and control system. It has won long term support and cooperation opportunities from the customers and has built a favorable brand image through providing a full set of refrigeration equipment and solutions for the different needs of clients.


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