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Auto Recognition Laser Cutting Leather Seat Machine
Auto Recognition Laser Cutting Leather Seat Machine

Auto Recognition Laser Cutting Leather Seat Machine

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Wuhan Golden Laser CO.,LTD

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Auto Recognition Laser Cutting Leather Seat Machine

Auto Recognition Laser Cutting Leather Seat Machine

CJG-140250/CJG-160250LD Genuine leather laser cutting machine


CJG-140250/CJG-160250LDGenuine leather laser cutting machine

1. This model is designed especially for genuine leather cutting.
2. High-precision digital CCD camera system: successfully read-in shapes and defects of leather (cutting avoided these identified defects) and auto-nest with fast speed. (or manual nest).
3. While nesting, it also can do sample projection and display cutting area. Increasing the utilization of leather
4. Digitizing patterns software: automatically place the patterns to assure maximum efficiency of the material.
5. The table has "vacuum" so that the fabric is attached firmly to it. And the table has rotation system so that it automatically pulls the roll of fabric - to cut patterns continuously.
6. Suitable for large format precise cutting in sofa, leather goods, leather garments and jackets industry.

Technical Parameter
Laser type: CO2 RF metal laser tube
Laser power: 150W
Cutting area: 1600mm X 2500mm
Working table: Conveyor working table
Cutting (no-load) speed: 0-18000mm/min
Repeating location: 0.5mm
Motion system: Servo system, 5 inches display screen, high precision integrative CNC system
Cooling system: Constant temperature water chiller
Power supply: AC220 / 50Hz
Format support: AI, BMP, PLT, DST, etc.
Standard collocation: one set of 550W up exhaust fan, two set of 1100W down exhaust fan, top exhaust filtration system, assisted mini air compressor, digital camera, projector
Optional collocation: CO2 RF metal laser tube (100W), CO2 hermetic and detached laser tube (120W), auto focus system, one set of 3KW down exhaust fan

Golden Laser Advanced Solutions for Genuine Leather Cutting:
CAD software (standalone version) can be configured to provide design and grading function. It also has pattern digitizing function. Supporting software can avoid the defects of genuine leather, then automatic or manual nesting and cutting can be done.
Support for Lectra, Gerber and other 20 kinds of file formats. It is convenient for grading and nesting.
With 15 megapixel high-precision ultra-wide-angle camera, it can accurately read the external contour of cutting pieces within 1500mmX2000mm, then do pattern digitizing
After scanning and grading, the pattern can be nested and cut. GOLDEN LASER self-development smart marker software not only can finish ZERO-gap cutting on material, but also take good use of surplus workpiece for smaller design cutting. It can utilize material to the maximum. Compared with traditional nesting method, material utilization ratio can be increased by 12%.
The shape of genuine leather is irregular, also there are spots and defective areas on genuine leather. In order to ensure cutting pieces to avoid those areas, we especially use projection system to assist nesting. First make the projection of actual cutting size of nested graphics onto leather surface. Then, according to the location of defective areas and leather shape, adjust the location of projected graphic. It effectively ensures the quality and integrity of cutting pieces, and cost savings.


E.m.a.i.l :   lijiao(at)goldenlaser(dot)org

M.o.b.i.l.e :
W.e.b.s.i.t.e : www golden-laser com cn

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