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Energy and Environment
Energy and Environment
Energy and Environment
Energy and Environment

Trading Company,Engineering Contracting Company

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Energy and Environment

In order to solve the problem of the proliferation of municipal waste and peri-urban environmental degradation, CMCEC closely follows the national policy, entering first in this new field of environmental protection, energy, succeeded in circulating bed combustion clean coal technology in burning cith waste in China, investing and operating waste incineration power plants, sewage treatment plants, sewage mud burning power plants and other infrastructure, and integration of upstream and downstream industries, which created a set of solid waste disposal investment, construction, operation and management, technical advice, equipment suppliers as one of the flagship business. In Laibin of Guangxi, Tai'an of Shandong, Dongguan of Guangdong, Ningbo of Zhejiang, Cixi of Zhejiang, Changde of Hunan and other places, we have built garbage incineration power plants, contracting a number of municipal solid waste and waste incineration power generation projects, effectively resolved the problems of city solid waste pollution and resource re-use, which the cities’ appearances and the ecological environment has been improved and attracting more domestic and foreign investors, to enhance the international competitiveness of China's comprehensive national strength and realize the sustainable economic development, which plays an important role.

Waste incineration power generation refers to the use of special waste incineration equipment through combustion by the media of industrial and urban solid waste ,in the mean time, getting energy generated by a new type of power generation methods. Such waste will be converted to energy waste treatment process, in line with the principles of the economic cycle, effective solution to the problem of urban solid waste, which will help save precious land resources and has a better environmental benefit. Waste incineration power generation by the use of clean coal circulating fluidized bed combustion technology, is a kind of "environmental clean combustion technology" in the field of environmental protection and energy from the 1980. It uses a large number of ash sand as a heat carrier with high heat storage and stirred through strong air currents and lime-sand in order to keep the bed temperature stable, full combustion stability with a high degree of reduction and volume reduction rate of over 90%, which is suitable in China for the burning of low calorific value China, high water volume and low degree solid waste.

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