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Residential building

The ancient Chinese said: "the house of this. For for home and stand, because the house had to save. People in the house, feeling and the heavens and the earth." Modern western people say: "person, their homes, to exist". We said: "residential building-life, dream, achievement".


Residential building and people relationship so closely, also carrying the content of social factors more. In the course of creation of residential building by technology, people wait for all sorts of factors, will these constraints as the premise, think to find all kinds of conditions of reasonable interpretation combining site, technology, economy and culture, and the environment. Based on the foothold, we one step a footprint, each with a real work attitude and we do concept.


For the society for industry, for the user, responsible for


We respect history, respect for culture, respect social, respect for the user to give each of our creation opportunity. For the social and the concept of creation that we got the positive feedback social, we are able to go further.


We, hard.


We will continue to work hard,.

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