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CCCME Successfully Holds Online Meeting of China-Belarus Economic and Trade Cooperation and Legal Issues

Publish Time:2020-06-18 00:00:00 Source:CCCME

 On the afternoon of June 16, the China-Russia Chamber of Commerce of Mechanical and Electrical Machinery, together with the Exchange and Cooperation Base of the Legal Services Committee of the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, successfully held an online lecture on Economic and trade cooperation and legal issues between China and Belarus.
Most of the participating enterprises participated in the lecture for more than 4 hours, which showed that the enterprises attach great importance to the Belarus market. Meanwhile, the lectures of the experts were very profound, professional and useful, which were highly praised by the participating enterprises.The meeting was co-chaired by Sheng Guofei, Secretary-General of The China-Russia Chamber of Commerce for Mechanical and Electrical Products, and Jiang Siyuan, Secretary-General of the Exchange and Cooperation Base of the China-SHANGHAI Cooperation Organisation Legal Services Commission.Before the meeting, Vice President Shi Yonghong and counselor Zhao Qiuyan had an international remote connection to exchange ideas on promoting our member enterprises to participate in key projects related to Belarus.