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Zhejiang aiyite Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Recommended by CCCME

Zhejiang Yite Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise gathering high-end talents, and is committed to the research and development of automatic image detection equipment and automatic production equipment. The company has been cooperating with universal group, Donghua chain group, BYD, ATL, crsay, Foxconn and other enterprises for many times, with the tenet of "professional, focused and service", and "developing production automation and promoting industrial upgrading", and providing a package of solutions including machine vision, automation production equipment and electrical control system for various enterprises. At present, the company's products are widely used in various industrial applications such as detection, positioning, assembly, etc. through the introduction of machine vision and automation equipment system, the user's automation production level is improved, the production efficiency is greatly improved, and the labor cost is greatly reduced. The company has achieved a good reputation in the industry. It is becoming one of the dynamic, professional and potential machine vision integrators and automation equipment suppliers in China.

The competition of contemporary enterprises is the competition of talents. At present, the company has one doctor and two masters. There are 15 people directly engaged in R & D, and the main members of the innovation team have more than 15 years working experience in the top 500 enterprises in the world. They have more than 10 years experience in the research and development and manufacture of automation equipment, and have developed many sets of international and domestic advanced equipment, For example, the full automatic computer hard disk assembly line developed by Maxtor company of the United States, worth 20 million US dollars, is the SBB tin ball welding equipment developed for Samsung, Korea, the mobile camera production line developed for TDK Xiamen, and the lithium battery assembly line for Apple battery supplier ATL, worth 120 million RMB., It provides Apple suppliers with image size detection equipment, Yiwu market provides pencil sharpener assembly equipment, Shanghai auto parts factory provides safety belt buckle assembly equipment, Foxconn automatic lock screw equipment, universal group bearing detection equipment.

At present, the technology level of automation equipment of the company is at the domestic level, and its characteristics are intelligent, professional and automatic

1. Intellectualization: the company adopts intelligent technologies such as laser, vision, sensing, detection, image processing to be applied to automatic equipment to realize the detection and monitoring of production process, automatic feedback and control and correction of product quality.

2. Specialization: the application industry of automation equipment is different, the product structure is complex and the technical content is high. It is necessary to develop the relevant automatic equipment in different production process requirements.

3. Automation: the automation equipment of the company is based on the automatic intelligent control technology, which realizes the functions of automatic position control, automatic alignment, automatic correction and automatic error correction in the process, and can realize the real automation in the sense.

With the continuous increase of labor cost and the increasingly serious problem of recruitment, it is inevitable to improve the production automation, and it is an inevitable trend to change people by machine. It is the golden period of the development of automation industry. The company is in line with the market demand to formulate the future development focus: 1. Development of four axis horizontal multi joint robot, it is suitable for plane positioning, vertical direction of assembly operations, suitable for handling, loading and unloading, product assembly, spot welding, glue and other industrial occasions. 2. Automatic detection equipment, including non-contact image detection and contact type mechanical detection, replaces the current manual detection, improves efficiency and accuracy, and reduces the error detection rate. 3. Automatic welding equipment, Yangtze River Delta tool industry enterprises, the demand for welding equipment is large, our team in the welding field has more than 10 years of research and development and application experience, in electronic circuits, led, lithium batteries, alloy welding industry have many success cases.

Automatic tooth welding machine
Automatic tooth welding machine

Automatic tooth welding machine

Automatic tooth welding machine

Automatic tooth welding machine

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